Guy Curtis MD, PhD


Dr. Curtis has practiced cardiology in the San Diego area for over 40 years.

Board Certifications

  •  American Board of Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease, 1979
  •  American Board of Internal Medicine, Internal Medicine, 1978

Medical Education

  • University of Michigan Medical School, MD, 1973


  • University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers, Internal Medicine, 1975


  •  University of California, San Diego, Cardiovascular Disease, 1977

Practice AREAS

Dr. Curtis is a cardiologist with expertise in treating congestive heart failure, valvular heart disease, heart rhythm disturbances and the use of drug therapy and implantable devices for treatment of these problems.  His clinical interests include control and treatment of atrial fibrillation and ventricular tachycardia with broad-based therapy including drugs, ablative therapy and devices for pacing and shock-terminating these troublesome rhythm abnormalities.

Dr. Curtis also specializes in the treatment of patients with fainting spells and lightheadedness without known cause, as well as those patients with difficulties with high blood pressure, labile blood pressure or low blood pressure.   

Syncope is a temporary loss of consciousness or lightheadedness usually related to insufficient blood flow to the brain. It’s also called fainting or "passing out." It most often occurs when blood pressure is too low(hypotension) and the heart doesn't pump enough oxygen to the brain. It can be benign or a symptom of an underlying medical condition.

Contact Me

(858) 554-0155 
FAX: (858) 554-0168

9850 Genessee Ave
Suite #740
La Jolla, CA 92037

Where You Can Find Me

I will be practicing from offices in the Ximed Building conveniently located right next to Scripps Memorial Hospital at 9850 Genesee Avenue, Suite 740, in La Jolla, California.


October 2, 2017

My previous employer retired a group of senior consultant physicians this past January, because they were age 75 or older.  I had to plead guilty to being 78 when the ax fell.   I’m not ready to retire from something I enjoy and can contribute to in a positive way, hence ACT II.

I am opening a private outpatient cardiology practice operating out of the Ximed Building next to Scripps Memorial Hospital, at 9850 Genesee Avenue, Suite 740, in La Jolla, California.   I will be associated with Robert Russo, MD, PhD and other select members of the Scripps Clinic Cardiology Division to provide 24/7 care for my patients.  I am confident that this arrangement will allow me to ensure that you are well cared for day and night.  I will be in contact with the covering physicians if problems occur while I’m not immediately available and kibitz, or add my two cents when these occasions occur.  I want to be involved in the same way that I have been when my patients are in trouble, helping and advocating for them when serious issues arise.

My new practice will not be billing your insurance, instead you have the option of joining my direct care program or paying for each visit with check, cash or credit card. Direct care is an alternative to fee-for-service billing, where you are charged an annual retainer (also payable in monthly installments), that guarantees access to me for the entire year. Members of my direct care program also receive:         
     ·  Prompt appointments for any pressing medical issues and daily rapid telephone follow-up with the nurse or the cardiologist for medical matters of concern;
     ·  24/7 access to your most important original medical documents via an online patient portal; and
     ·  Personalized care from some really outstanding cardiologists.

If I am not available, the covering physicians will accept and bill your insurance.  

It’s worth emphasizing that you will have to furnish copies of your old records (with my notes if I’ve seen you in the office before) as I no longer have access to these prior to your visit.  You may request these records from Scripps Health by Fax at 760-633-7747 and fax them to my office at 858-554-0168.   Your new records for our visits will be readily accessible to you and other physicians via my practice’s patient portal.

My office telephone number for appointments and questions is 858-554-0155 or 858-554-0156.  Theresa Kopp, my long time Administrative Assistant, will man the phones between 10 AM and 2 PM, Monday through Friday.   Messages can be left on the line after 2 PM to be picked up the next day.   The number to call for urgent advice after 3 PM will be on the telephone recording.   Emergencies should always be handled by dialing 911.   After the 911 emergency call, it is very helpful to us if you call and leave a message with the covering physician or on my phone line, telling us what has happened.   Less urgent matters can be handled by leaving a message that will be picked up the following morning.  

I will practice medicine the way I have always practiced – advocating for you with other health providers and addressing your health in a comprehensive fashion.

To join my direct care program, schedule an appointment or to ask questions, please call my office at (858) 554-0155 or click here. I hope to hear from you soon.